Our journey began in the ring and this Is where we all belong. No matter which weight class or technique you represent, if you are passionate about fight sports, you are part of our family.

It is for people like you that we created the uniq brand, and our first official collection: Round one, Day in day out. A selection inspired by years of hard work and training, by victories and failures. From each sparring session we drew a lesson that helped us improve our designs and create fight gear and clothing that lets you move freely, train safely and look classy at all times.

The entire manufacturing process is located in Thailand and utilises best industry solutions.

Day in day out- like a bad muscle ache, these words will stay with you after an exhausting training. Remember them and they will help you stay as determined and fearless in daily life as you were in the ring.

Radek and Kamil Paczuski
Radek and Kamil Paczuski