Lace Up Gloves Mariniere





Genuine leather. Designed in Poland, hand – sewn in Thailand.

Tough yet light lace up gloves, excellent choice for competition fighting. Hand-sewn from natural leather and equipped with multi-layer shock absorbing foam padding.

A thick roll of material on the inner side supports the grip and provides additional protection for the hand. Extra stitches were placed in volatile areas-around the thumb & on the sleeves.

Available in 10 oz size and five designs.

Gloves sizing

Three key factors to consider when choosing your boxing gloves are- your own weight, your hand’s circumference, and the preferred type of training. With a bit of research, you’ll find mitts that will, well, fit you like a glove.

8-10 oz boxing gloves typically used in competitions, though they may also be used for pad work/bag workouts by the boxers in welterweight class, or with smaller hands (612’’ circumference).

12 oz  used by most for pad work/ dynamic bag workouts. Good fit for boxers in middleweight/light heavyweight class, and boxers with average-sized hands (714 -812’’ circumference).

14-16 oz popular choice for free sparring sessions, sometimes also pad and bag work (helpful in building up stamina). Good choice for heavyweight boxers or users with larger hands.