Technical White

Shin Guard Technical White






Genuine leather. Designed in Poland, hand – sewn in Thailand.

Tough on the outside, soft on the inner side, these shin guards will provide you with the highest level of protection without causing any discomfort. They are equipped with two broad Velcro fasteners and two elastic straps in the foot area to prevent slipping to the side during heavy fight session.

Sleek design is both functional and pleasing to the eye- additional padding in the front protects your shin bones from injuries, extended guard on the top provides protection for your knees, and the integrated foot guard ensures your ankles won’t get injured during high kicks.

Sizing guide

Sizes are based on the shin length. To find the shin guards that will suit you best, please measure your shins (from just under you kneecap to your instep). The sizing pads is as follows:

12”-13” | Small
13”-14” | Medium
14”-15” | Large
15”-16” | Extra Large

Shin guards are unisex. Average-height male will typically choose the Large size, an average-height woman will typically choose the Medium size.