Light Pink

Full Coverage Headguard Light Pink







Genuine leather. Designed in Poland, hand – sewn in Thailand.

A well-fitting head guard will protect your head and face without weighing you down or limiting your vision. Head guard provides necessary protection at no cost to your performance. Openings in the ear area allow you to hear everything happening around, additional padding on the forehead lets you take a strong jab without faltering, while the sturdy built ensures it will serve your for years of training. Extra protection was added to chin and cheek areas.

Most adequate choice sparring sessions, especially recommended for fighters who want to avoid bruises and contusions in the face.

Putting on the helmet is effortless- a broad, comfortable Velcro on the backside lets you adjust the size to your personal requirements, while the elastic straps on the top keep the helmet in place.

Sizing guide

Size L headguard should fit most average-height people.

If you want to be sure, you can measure your head circumference (above your eyebrows and ears; if possible, pull your hair up to get a precise measurement) and use the table below to pick the right size.

19.0”-20.5” Circumference | Small
21.0”-22.0” Circumference | Medium
22.5”- 23.0” Circumference | Large
23.5”-24.0” Circumference | Extra Large